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Sodium Sulphide

Sodium Sulphide Molecular formula: Na2S
CAS No: 27610-45-3
Appearence: YELLOW / Red Flakes completely soluble in water.
USED in / Application:
  • Manufacturing of DYE INTERMIDIATES specailly SULPHUR BLACK
  • Application of SULPHUR DYES
  • For Dehairing of hides - in LEATHER TANNERIES
  • Used in PHARMACEUTICAL ( BULK DRUG)  industries as a reducing agent.
  • For  production of Heavy water in Atomic Power Plants
  • For Ore floatation.
  • in viscose Rayon Industry for removing Sulphur.
  • to remove heavy metals from waste waters in many industries.
  • in the craft wood-pulping process, it is used in synthetic cooking liquor.
Packing: 25 / 50 Kg Polythene laminated H.D.P.E. bags with

Total Sulphide as Na2S                                             50% Min.

Sodium Hydrosulphide as NaHS                               2.5% Max.

Excess alkali as NaOH                                            2.00% Max.

Other reducing compounds as Na2S2O3                     2.00% Max.

Iron as Fe2O3 and Aluminium compounds               0.002% Max.

Sulphate as Na2S04                                                 1.00% Max.

Chloride as NaCl                                                     1.00% Max.

Water insoluble’s                                                     0.20% Max